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Michelle delivers a range of in-house and public programs specifically designed to build capacity and empower the professional workforce to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the health and community sector.

COVID-19 Update: Adjusting and adapting is the name of the game right now so we’re working to shift all training programs to online delivery, via live stream.

Feedback for our online programs has been excellent;

I am thoroughly enjoying the training thus far and am very impressed at how easily it is flowing on the online platform. Well done to you and your team for organising this so well!

Katie Beruldsen, Alfred Health

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Informed by her extensive experience working in mental health, as a clinician, supervisor and leader, Michelle brings wisdom and deep insights in the form of highly engaging and powerful training. Her unique style has seen her be in demand all over Australia and New Zealand, delivering training and facilitation in our sector, as well as within our sectors like professional services, complaints handling, ombudsman's offices, education and justice, where there is also a high degree of emotional wear and tear.

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Dates for 2020: 

April 29th & 30th

May 6th & 7th

May 21st/28th

June 3rd & 4th

June 16th/30th 

August  4th & 5th

August 20th

September 1 & 2

September 17th

October 12th

October 14th & 15th

November 18th & 19th



Michelle has developed an 'embed the learning' program for 3 of her signature training programs: Supervision, Leadership and Resilience.  Michelle is aware that when participants leave a workshop, it can be a challenge to keep the learning, front of mind.


The program includes 25 emails sent fortnightly over a 12 month period, that highlight 25 key principles, frameworks and messages directly from the training. It ensures that participants are regularly reminded of the key learnings from the training, in short bite sized ways. Participants would sign up individually and the program is strictly available for participants of this training only.


The 'embed the learning' program comes at no additional cost to the participants, as Michelle is highly committed to integration of participants’ skills, knowledge and workforce capacity.


Self-Leadership: Women in Health

How well do you lead yourself?
We all look for exceptional leadership externally, but forget to be the best leaders to ourselves.

Most of us have never been given a clear approach to lead ourselves well, or had role models that demonstrate inspiring self-leadership.


That’s why it’s important to take the time to build the necessary frameworks and skills for strong self-leadership and become a more empowered professional.


Michelle Bihary leads this powerful, practical and engaging program to help you drive your career more confidently by bringing together her wisdom of more than 30 years experience in mental health, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, resilience, coaching, mentoring and leadership.


Surrounded by like-minded women experiencing similar challenges in the disrupted healthcare context, this immersive workshop also provides workbooks, access to resources as well as a gourmet lunch, morning and afternoon tea.


Professional Supervision Training

2-day Training including 12 month 'embed the learning' program


Professional & Clinical Supervision should be a rewarding and inspiring experience for the supervisee and supervisor.


This popular training program provides participants with a solid theoretical basis and a comprehensive set of practical frameworks to guide supervision practice. The training emphasises ways to build an engaging supervisory relationship, informed by values, self-awareness, emotional intelligence ensuring a psychologically safe space where learning can flourish.


The training provides practical skill-building opportunities in:

• key functions of supervision

• building a positive supervisory relationship

• contracting & reviewing supervision

• developing learning goals

• reflective practice and unconscious processes

• learning styles & developmental stages

• other formats for supervision

• delineating supervision and line management

• supervision within an organisational context


The program will enhance the supervisor’s ability to use a broad range of interventions from being a facilitator through to providing content knowledge expertise. 


Professional Resilience® and Self Care 


1-day Training including 12 month 'embed the learning' program


The ‘emotional wear and tear’ of helping and leadership roles can take a huge toll on our wellbeing, leaving us with little energy for our personal lives. We can become depleted so that our professional work loses its sense of fulfillment. Burnout and compassion fatigue are on the rise amongst health professionals.


This comprehensive program provides a well-deserved chance to reflect on practical ways to deepen resilience and self-care and take team-based strategies back to the workplace.


Michelle draws on the latest research in resilience and wellbeing, neuroplasticity, psychological agility, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, energy management, interpersonal neurobiology and leadership theories. This inspires a renewed and proactive approach to self-care individually. It also explores ways to optimise the wellbeing and resilience of the workforce.



Leadership Development for Health and Community Sector Professionals 


2-day Training including 12 month 'embed the learning' program


Highly developed leadership skills are vital for well-functioning organisations and a satisfying career. This workshop provides detailed frameworks, contemporary leadership theories, practical knowledge and skills in leadership of self and others.


This empowering program explores leadership, management and the dynamics of organisational life and how to manage the tricky balance of meeting the needs of people, resources and outcomes.


The training provides practical skill building opportunities in:


• emotional intelligence

• self-leadership and leader resilience

• enhancing workforce capacity and sustainability

• bringing out the best in others, strengths focus

• managing with authority and power, managing up

• addressing teamwork, employee engagement, change and conflict


The latest research in contemporary leadership, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, people management, workplace culture and morale, mental health at work, mindfulness, self-awareness and self-efficacy are all central to the development of this workshop. Participants will come away with a much clearer framework for recognising and building their own leadership capabilities and see greater opportunities to develop these in their workforce.


Advanced Supervision


This program is available to those who have completed Michelle’s foundational 2-day program. It provides a deeper exploration of the core skills of supervision and an opportunity to reinforce, consolidate and extend learning. There are significant opportunities for practice and experiential skill development.

The program includes:

  • Review of learnings from foundational program

  • Enhanced skills in development of learning goals

  • Using the Supervision RoadmapTM to support contracting and conceptualisation of supervision

  • From directive to facilitative – exploring multiple strategies for supporting learning

  • Trouble-shooting – engaging reluctant supervisees

  • Exploring contextual issues – integrating supervision within the organisational context

  • Ethical issues in supervision

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