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Young Adult Therapy

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Young Adult Therapy

Young adults between 18 and 25 years old, who have left school but are not yet established in
adult roles such as full-time work and living independently may have specific needs to be
addressed, including:

Normal Developmental Tasks 
Personality & developing identity 
Becoming independent / autonomous 
Figuring out their place in the world study/work/vocational direction 
Establishing intimate relationships 
Preparing for leaving home 
Redefining your role in your family/ changing the way you relate to your family 
Accepting responsibility for the choices you make/ not being a child anymore


When to seek therapy and how therapy can help if you get stuck can be:

*When unexpected stresses or pressures can knock you off course 
*You notice unhelpful patterns that you want to change 
*To develop skills of self-management, assertiveness & communication

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