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Each session is 50 minutes to 60mins depending on the practitioner. A doctor’s referral
is required to claim the Medicare rebate (there is a gap fee) but no referral is necessary if
you wish to claim from your Private Health Insurance or if you choose to attend sessions
privately. Janet and Naomi are registered Medicare providers and are registered
providers with most private health insurances.

- To claim a Medicare rebate, a referral through the Better Access to Mental
Health Care program called a Medicare Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) is required from a GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. Eligibility is assessed by the referring doctor who will monitor and review at regular intervals.
Please let your referring doctor know that you are requesting a MHTP
when you book your appointment with them as a longer session may be needed.
Please bring the MHTP referral to your first session.
- The MHTP entitles the person to 10 Medicare rebated sessions per
calendar year and is provided in blocks of 6 plus 4 sessions with the
referring doctor assessing for further eligibility between these blocks.
- Some people only use a few of the Medicare sessions, others use all of these
sessions while others choose to continue beyond these Medicare session in a
private capacity. This can be discussed further during sessions.


Both telehealth and in person sessions attended with the MHTP referral attract an
out-of-pocket cost.


If you do not have a MHTP but have private health cover you may be able to
claim a portion of the session fee. It is recommended that you check with your provider
before your session to obtain more details.


It is not possible to claim both Medicare and Private Health insurance simultaneously.
Supervision does not attract a Medicare or Private Health fund rebate and GST is

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