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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Practitioners who provide Counselling and Psychotherapy have different therapeutic orientations, e.g. Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution focussed, Interpersonal, Family Therapy or Narrative Therapy. In fact many of the practitioners draw on a range of orientations for counselling and psychotherapy, providing the best fit for each client. 

Clients will be asked if they have a particular preference, & will be matched with a therapist who best suits their needs. Length of therapy will depend on the nature & complexity of the difficulties the client is experiencing. Some people worry that they will become dependent on therapy and that it will go on forever, but the aim of therapy is to assist people to become confident & independent. 

For some people short-term therapy will be sufficient to help them reach their personal goals. If issues are more long-standing & difficult to resolve, longer therapy may be helpful. For any therapy to work, clients need to be prepared to commit to the process of therapy, to making changes in themselves, & to personal growth. 

When clients contact the Centre, they will be able to
ask whatever questions they need to ask about therapy and cost of therapy, before an appointment is made. Medicare rebates allow greater access for people who are considering therapy.

Should you have any further questions please click here to contact us.

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